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Psychic Readings with Cynthia
Special offer 30 mins for $25

Cynthia is a natural spiritual individual who has worked with the spiritual energy for many years. 

Her work is fascinating and has on many occasions been able to bring forward information that could not have been known beforehand.

She has great skills of empathy and love and is definitely a person to connect with when you need picking up and putting back on the right road. Through her own experiences of life she has been able to convert this and give valuable guidance.

Cynthia just seems to know what is going on around you and has helped many. As well as having strong spiritualistic beliefs she is an excellent counsel.


Instead of calling me to receive a Reading you can send me an e-mail inquiry  Since I check my e-mail through out my day I will reply to your e-mail messages/queries within the same day. This will become my preferred means of booking readings because you won’t need to worry if you are calling while I am giving a reading and it will guarantee that I will contact you should I miss your call. Connecting with Spirit can get rather exhausting at times and it is for that reason that I only book 5 readings per day per my working hours. (Hours of availability are listed with each service).