Cynthia is a very very sweet lady. I highly recommend you get a spiritual and or psychic reading with her. Cynthia was able to connect to many people in my family who have crossed over and people who are Not related to me in my house. Every detail was intact on point. She gave me insight on how to handle certain situations in my life and how to better my relationship and myself. Cynthia had also given me hope, hope … Read More

Shivani Srivastava

Cynthia is a kind soul.. so benevolent .. and such people always excel in their field. She helped me in my difficult time with her reading and I am feeling so pleased, so light hearted after her reading. She is so accurate. One should not go anywhere else if they want an accurate reading. Cynthia is The Only True Psychic Medium. Cheers

Shivani Srivastava

Cynthia is a kind soul.. so benevolent .. and such people always excel in their field. She helped me in my difficult time with her reading and I am feeling so pleased, so light hearted after her reading. She is so accurate. One should not go anywhere else if they want an accurate reading. Cynthia is The Only True Psychic Medium. Cheers

Sandi Y.

I had a spiritual reading done by Cynthia, She is such a sweet person and so so sincere and she made me feel very comfortable during our call.. She verified alot of things for me, and also let me know somethings that I would have never been able to know why my husband left this earth. It still hurts so much without him but she made me feel more at ease with his passing,and knowing he’s here with the kids … Read More

Linda Brown

Cynthia literally blew my mind in a very impromptu, short meeting. I could not believe the insight she has into the spiritual world and the things she was able to tell me that eased my mind about some unresolved life issues.

Kathy Arnaud

I had a reading with Cynthia last week. Was the first time for me. She was amazing! Very fulfilling session where my questions were answered and the information she relayed certainly convinced me that she was definitely connected to spirit. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Can’t wait for my next reading!


I had the most amazing reading today, Cynthia, as usual you were righ on target. I was very impressed. I’m so glad that James came through to speak to me through you. It was truly a blessing what information you passed on to me. I will never forget how you’ve helped me with the healing after my loss. It Is truly amazing how you picked up on the other issues that’s going on in my life, working and taking care … Read More


I want to thank you for the incredible reading that I had yesterday, as usual I was so impressed!!!… I’m so happy that James came through to speak to me through you, it was a blessing. Words cannot explain the gratitude that I feel after speaking with you. I was also impressed with you picking up on exactly what’s going on in my life right now working in health care. You were right on target as usual! You are so … Read More


Cynthia\’s readings were incredible she\’s warm loving and caring very sincere and very accurate I was very amazed and impressed with her readings you need to get readings from Cynthi



I love Cynthias positive energy. Love talking to her! Can’t wait to see her predictions come true. Talk to you soon Cynthia.

Fatima G.

I absolutely enjoyed my reading with Cynthia! She was accurate with everything. She even helped me check myself! You will def get your monies worth. No if, ands, or buts about that one. Thanks a million Cynthia! *much love, peace, & prosperity.


Cynthia was so amazing!!! She connected with many of my family and made me feel they are with me. It gave me chills . Cynthia was also able to help me with another situation. She is just a wonderful kind caring person who really wants to help you. I WILL BE CALLING AGAIN!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!


Looking for an Honest Psychic/Medium Read what others have to say about their reading with Cynthia before leaving today. Her days book quickly – Contact her today and be sure to leave your name and a message. She will take time to respond within 1 to 4 days. “Hi Cynthia, Thank you very much. It makes me feel that I’m going somewhere with my chosen career. You are delightful to talk to. Thank you again and have a great day. … Read More



Cynthia, l Want to thank you for your reading, it was on point. I always feel so at ease after we have spoken. It truly amazing how you are able to connect with my love one. Thanks, also for the wisdom. I will stay in touch. Your new friend!


Thank you for my 30 min reading Cynthia. God bless you my dear freind. Cynthia i believe is absolutely genuine and real. she has power.. i recommended this app/reading as you will not be disappointed. Awesome. “I have a calender on my wall….. guess the picture? Yes… thats correct Cynthia new exactly what it was! Amazing. Thank you. Best regards & god bless you all.

Delia L

Wow, what a talent and thank you so much for using your God given talent Mrs. Cynthia to help me communicate with my past loved ones. Highly recommended and so honest, she brought up items that she would not have known about my me and my life. Plus I love that she records then and shared it with me. In my life I have come to know and find that things happen for a reason, they just don’t happen, and … Read More



I really enjoyed my reading with Cynthia. She has a kind spirit and was accurate . I had a chance to connect with family and a recently departed coworker. I recommend her and really appreciate her going a step further and sending a recorded dvd of my session. Thanks again Cynthia


Cynthia is the real thing. Last reading i had from her was back in november. She picked up on alot. She has also read for my mother. Last time she and i spoke. I told her she definitely has my business. She is a kindred sweet soul. My grandmother came thru who is my mothers mother. My grandmother is the one who allows other to come thru. I had to practically beg my grandmother to let my dad come thru….he … Read More



I had the most amazing phone reading today with Cynthia. We had a great connection. She is extremely kind and caring. During the reading she picked up on many things about my family. She picked up family members that even I didn’t know about. She was even able to describe the location where I was at the time of the reading. The most special part of the reading was when my Dad came thru. He passed away when I was … Read More


Cynthia is the Best (Hands Down!) She has such a sweet spirit, very passionate person with a beautiful heart! She hit everything on the nail! Without me telling her anything.. I was so worried about my life! When I got a reading with her she made me feel so at peace,and I am so excited about my future because of her, she even gave me some advise on some situations I had concerns about! You will not be disappointed with … Read More


My goodness the connection with Cynthia was totally amazing and calm and real and most of all so so true with her predictions and insights that she saw for my life l cannot thank her enough l truly appreciated her kindness towards me …l now have a friend..To have spoken to someone that totally dont know you and made you feel so comfortable and relaxed is truly an angel from God…Cynthia u are my Angel May God continue to uplift … Read More



I very much enjoy my talk with Cynthia today. She was very much on target with what I have going on. Very much enjoy talking with her. And I will make sure not to forget about the thing with the Christmas tree lol. Don’t know how to do the ratings on here but she is definitely 5 stars



It was such a wonderful experience with Cynthia! Her ability is solid and real- details that she picked up that give me comfort and peace. But more importantly Cynthia is a caring spiritual mentor who bring her love and guidance to my complicated life. I definitely will have more conversations with Cynthia and I hope more people could benefit from her wonderful spirit and ability!


I really enjoyed talking with Cynthia. She explained everything very well and was rite on the nose…. I felt so much better after talking with her…I would talk to her again if needed… highly recommend….

Gail Huff

Thank You so much Cynthia. My gal friend was right, you really are the real deal. if you’re looking for a real psychic/medium, look no further, Cynthia is the one. She knew things about my husband that only he and I knew. She is truly blessed. It was a wonderful reading and I’m looking forward to choosing Cynthia the next time I want a reading.

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