This was my first reading ever with anyone. I have watched the Long Island Medium for a long time and have always had a desire to contact my family that has passed. Needless to say I was very skeptical about the whole thing but in the end I was very surprised and pleased. Cynthia said so many of my ancestors came forward, many that I knew nothing of. I mainly wanted to reach my parents and my brother but I didn’t tell her that to see what would happen. I was so happy that my father, brother and my husbands grandmother came through. I knew immediately when she started describing Grandmother Green who she was, Cynthia at first thought she was my mother but I knew better. She loved working in flowers more than anything in this world and when she told me about her apron I became a believer. The final thing that truly convinced me was when she described how I look out my kitchen window and what I see and how I had flowers in there and they were yellow. I almost fell off my couch when she said that, I had just put those flowers in there a few days before. After talking to Cynthia I felt such a peace and could feel all the love surrounding me.