Looking for an Honest Psychic/Medium
Read what others have to say about their reading with Cynthia before leaving today. Her days book quickly – Contact her today and be sure to leave your name and a message. She will take time to respond within 1 to 4 days.
“Hi Cynthia, Thank you very much. It makes me feel that I’m going somewhere with my chosen career. You are delightful to talk to. Thank you again and have a great day. Stay warm.”

“Thank you Cynthia for taken the time to writing me back and Christy yes I’m legal issues and in recovery trying to fight my addictions and getting myselfright again for myselfand kids so thanks again”

“I really want to thank you for giving me the strength and courage to go tonight…my aunt that has not spoken to me in over 15 years talked to me tonight…Once again thank you”

“Thank you for everything. I not only feel lucky enough to have witnessed your gift but I feel like I have made a friend.”

“Thank you Cynthia for the reading. You are truly amazing. I have received the recording, i will definitely be calling you again in the future. God bless you!”

“Thank you so very much…I just left a comment for you to read…you are a angle to me…If it was not for you I would have not been able to go Friday…Thank you and God bless.”

“Mrs Cynthia,
What can I say, if you were in front of me I would be hugging you and kiss you so much. To show our love between my wonderful Nana and I. Thank you so much! Yes I will insert a high recommendation, you are amazing. God bless you! I will stay in touch again with you.”

“Greetings Cynthia,
I want to thank you for the reading. After I received my reading I realized the grandmother figure was my husband’s Grandma who passed on Christmas Day. The fogginess I now realize was the dementia she had. I feel such a sense of comfort right now and also so much love around me. Words can not express how grateful I am to you for helping me with this. Thank you so much!!!”

“Thank you so very very much Cynthia. Bless you a million fold for the genuineness. It meant so much to be able to talk to him today and just to him without the feeling of you adding to it. I look forward to talking to you soon. Love and Blessings to you”

“I just wanted to say thank you again for your incredible gift! I have been feeling very different since our chat – all in positive ways. You are amazing! Thank you for doing what you do!”

“Hey Cynthia how are you? I just wanted to say thank you again. The reading you gave me stuck with my spirit. And believe it or not really has helped ease my mind. You be blessed and thank you again.”